The History of Oceanside

Published in 2022, and written by historian Kristi Hawthorne, this is a beautiful softbound book which details much of Oceanside’s rich history.

The Oceanside Historical Society’s newest book is simply titled “The History of Oceanside”. With so many changes in Oceanside over the last few years, it felt like an opportunity to take another look back at our history. While this is our third published history in 34 years, there is always a different perspective from which to tell our story, another opportunity to include more accounts of our residents, of yesterday and today. This new 240-page book is softbound and includes in-depth accounts of some of our iconic landmarks and historic buildings, as well as a concerted effort to share the diversity of peoples that make Oceanside what it is today.

The Osider Magazine crew used their talents of design and layout to make the history of Oceanside come alive with our beautiful historic images.  


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